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Possession orders

This content applies to England

Court powers to vary, postpone, suspend, set aside or discharge possession orders. The status of a tenancy after a possession order and appealing against it.

Application to vary or postpone a possession order

Courts have powers to postpone the date for possession, suspend execution of a possession order, and vary its terms. 

Application to set aside a possession order

Court powers to set aside a possession order as if that order was never made depend on whether the possession order was made at a trial. 

Court discharges a possession order

Possession orders made against secure, assured and regulated tenants can be discharged automatically or after a tenant’s application. 

Appeals against possession orders

An appeal against a possession order can usually be made only on a point of law and after getting a court’s permission to appeal. 

Possession orders for assured tenancies

Types of possession orders the court can make against assured tenants and security of tenure after the order. 

Tenancy status after court order

The status of a tenant is retained until the possession order is enforced and eviction takes place. 

Money judgments

Landlords may claim rent arrears and costs in possession proceedings and when they take steps to enforce, judgments may appear on the credit reference file. 

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