Tenant fees and other costs

Fees charged by landlords and letting agents, and where to get help to pay them.

This content applies to England
  • Fees a landlord or agent can lawfully charge

    Most permitted payments that tenants or licensees can be lawfully charged by landlords and agents are subject to a cap.

  • Banned tenant fees

    Landlords and letting agents must not charge tenants and other relevant persons any fee unless it is a permitted payment.

  • Rent in advance, deposit and premium fees

    Paying for accommodation in the private rented sector may involve payments other than monthly rent, such as rent in advance, deposits, and premiums.

  • Agency services, charges and regulation

    Services provided by accommodation agencies, the rules governing the services that agencies can charge for and the way fees must be publicised.

  • Help with housing costs

    Sources of financial help to pay rent and deposits include nationally and locally administered benefits, assistance schemes and loans.