Responsibility for repairs

Landlord and tenant responsibilities for repairs

Access to your rented home for repairs and inspections

Damage to your rented home

Leasehold flats and houses: responsibilities for repairs

Health and safety standards

Gas safety in rented homes

Electrical safety in rented homes

Fire safety in rented homes

Help if your home is overcrowded

Check if your home is overcrowded by law

Health and safety standards for rented homes (HHSRS)

Is your home fit for habitation?

Improvements to your rented home

Landlord responsibilities for improvements in your home

Making improvements to your rented home

Private tenants: how to get repairs done

How to report repairs to a private landlord

Revenge eviction if you ask for repairs

What to do if your private landlord won’t do repairs

Complain to environmental health about private rented housing

Damp and mould in rented homes

Pests and vermin infestations in rented homes

Problems with repairs

Paying rent when repairs are a problem

Moving out during repairs

Doing the repairs if your landlord won't

What to do about poor quality or unfinished repairs

Council and housing association tenants

Repairs and maintenance in council and housing association homes

How to report repairs to a council or housing association landlord

Problems during council or housing association repairs

Complain about council or housing association repairs

Complain to the Housing Ombudsman about repairs in social housing

Right to repair scheme for council tenants

Court action and compensation

Legal action if your landlord won't do repairs

Compensation for disrepair and poor conditions

Housing help in an emergency

Housing help after a fire

Housing help if your home is flooded

Last updated: 15 April 2020

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