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Help for ineligible migrants

This content applies to England

Duties and powers that a local authority might have towards applicants who are ineligible for homelessness assistance.

Where an applicant is not eligible under the homelessness legislation, for example because s/he is an overstayer, an EU/EEA national with no right to reside, or a person subject to immigration control with 'no recourse to public funds', it may still be possible to obtain assistance from social services.

In England, under the Children Act 1989, the Care Act 2014, and the Localism Act 2011. In Wales, under the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.

Different provisions apply to asylum seekers.

Help for ineligible adult migrants in England

How adult migrants who are ineligible for housing under homelessness legislation can access accommodation. 

Help for ineligible children and families in England

Assistance under the Children Act 1989 for children and their families who are not eligibile under homelessness legislation. 

Restrictions on help

Restrictions on access to support, including accommodation, that may be provided under community care legislation. 

Help for ineligible migrants in Wales

Overview of duties and powers to provide accommodation to households who are ineligible for homelessness assistance under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014. 

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