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Housing with care and support

This content applies to England

Options to remain at home or move to more suitable accommodation for people who need care or support, primarily older and disabled adults.

Homelessness help for older people

In addition to applying to the homelessness department, a homeless older person can also ask for a care and support needs assessment from social services. 

Help for older people to remain at home

Older people may be able to remain in their own home and avoid moving into a care home if they can access appropriate care and support. 

Care and support needs assessment

Care and support needs assessment may help obtain supported housing, establish priority need, or show that accommodation is not reasonable to continue to occupy. 

Eligibility for support

Social services must identify and assess care and support needs and provide a copy of the eligibility decision. 

Ordinary residence and continuity of care

Before arranging community care services, local authorities check if they are responsible for the person assessed as in need of services 

Care and support plans

Local authorities must help adults in need of care/support to decide how to have their needs met, and to prepare a care and support plan. 

Charges for care and support

The amount that a person pays for their care and support depends on a number of factors, including their own resources. 

Accommodation options for older people

Housing options for older people include renting, buying a home, or moving into specialist accommodation providing support 

Care homes for older people

A care home may be appropriate if a higher level of support is required than can practically or affordably be provided at home or within sheltered housing. 

Housing for people with mental health needs

Where a person ceases to be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983, they are eligible for after care services, including housing 

Care and support at home for people with disabilities

Disabled people may be able to remain in their home and avoid moving into specialist housing if they can access appropriate care and support services. 

Disabled facilities grants

Disabled facilities grant helps pay for home adaptations or facilities to meet the needs of the disabled person. 

Accommodation for disabled people

The legal definition of disability and the options for disabled adults who wish to move to more suitable accommodation. 

Disability discrimination and human rights

Disabled people may rely on equality legislation when they defend against possession proceedings or apply to remain in the UK on medical grounds. 

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