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Housing with care and support

This content applies to England

The care and support needs of an adult with physical or mental impairment or illness can be met by providing appropriate accommodation, or care and support to make it possible to remain in existing accommodation.

This section considers how care and support can be accessed, looking at the specific needs of older and disabled adults, including those with mental health problems.

Access to housing

The emphasis in the Care Act 2014 is on meeting needs to improve the well-being of adults who need care and support because of physical or mental impairment or illness 

Eligibility for support

Eligiblity criteria under the Care Act 2014 

Ordinary residence and continuity of care

Before arranging community care services, local authorities check if they are responsible for the person assessed as in need of services 

Care and support plans

Local authorities must help adults in need of care/support to decide how to have their needs met and to prepare a care and support plan 

Charges for care and support

Which care and support services can be charged for. Information on personal budgets and the right to direct payments 


How to complain about inadequate care and support services are inadequate, or deficiency in the needs assessment 

Housing for people with mental health needs

Where a person ceases to be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983, they are eligible for after care services, including housing 

Help for older people to remain at home

Older people may be able to remain in their present accommodation if they are able to access appropriate support 

Accommodation options for older people

Housing options for older people include renting, buying a home, or moving into specialist accommodation providing support 

Care homes for older people

A care home may be appropriate if a higher level of support is required than can be provided at home or within sheltered housing 

Homelessness help for older people

Local authorities have a statutory duty to provide accommodation to people who are homeless, eligible for assistance, in priority need, and not intentionally homeless 

Care and support at home for people with disabilities

A disabled person may be able to remain in their home if they can access appropriate care and support services 

Accommodation for disabled people

The legal definition of disability from the Equality Act 2010, and the support or adaptations that can make it possible for a disabled person to live in any type of housing. 

Disability discrimination and human rights

This page looks at discrimination towards disabled people and the legal position on such discrimination 

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