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Young people and care leavers

This content applies to England

This section looks at housing rights and options of young people and care leavers, including the duties of local authorities towards them under the homelessness legislation and the Children Act 1989 and Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000.

Although this section explains rights and options that are specific to young people and care leavers under the age of 25, many young people aged 18 or over will also be able to access the assistance available to other adults. Advisers should therefore refer to other sections where appropriate.

Local authority duties

Duties and powers a local authority may have towards a young person or care leaver, and the relevant legislation. 

Social services' duties to children in need

Social services' duties under the Children Act 1989. 

Leaving care provisions

Social services' duties to children leaving care. 

Cooperation between departments

Co-operation between housing and social services departments when assessing the needs of, and assisting, young people and care leavers. 

Challenging decisions

Challenging decisions or assessments made under the Children Acts. 

Finding accommodation

Housing options for young people and the related issues. 

Tenancies for minors

The legal position of minors (children and young people under the age of 18) with regard to holding a tenancy, and the issues associated with this. 

Paying for accommodation

Options available to help young people pay for and access accommodation. 

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