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Tenants' rights to pass on their public and private sector tenancies.

The law differs depending on the type of tenancy, and before reading this section, it would be useful to refer to other parts of the Security of tenure section.

The transfer of a tenancy when the tenant dies is known as a succession. See the section on Succession for more information.

When the tenant grants a further tenancy to another person, this is known as a subtenancy. See the section on Subtenancies for more information.

What is assignment?

An overview of transferring a tenancy to someone else through assignment. 

How to assign a tenancy

This section considers the requirements for assigning a tenancy. 

Right to assign

A tenant's right to assign their tenancy. 

Rules for different tenancy types

The rules for assignment for different types of tenancy. 

Arrears and assignment

Whether an assignee is liable for rent arrears accrued by the former tenant, and whether the original tenant is liable for rent arrears accrued after assignment. 

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