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Assured shorthold tenancies

This content applies to England

The assured shorthold tenancy, a type of assured tenancy. The special features of an assured shorthold tenancy that differentiate it from an assured tenancy, including how a landlord can regain possession.

The information about assured tenancies in the section on Assured tenancies also applies to assured shorthold tenancies, so this section should be read in conjunction with that one.

What is an AST?

Assured shorthold tenancy, and the difference between an assured shorthold and assured tenancy. The background behind the creation of this type of tenancy, and an explanation of fixed-term and periodic tenancies. 

Tenancies created after 27/2/97

How to identify an assured shorthold tenancy created on or after 28 February 1997. 

Tenancies created 15/1/89 - 27/2/97

How to identify an assured shorthold tenancy created between 15 January 1989 and 27 February 1997. 

Protected shorthold tenancies

Situations where a protected shorthold tenancy becomes an assured shorthold. 

Rights to remain on expiry of fixed term

The rights tenants have to remain in occupation of a property when a fixed term ends. 

How to end an assured shorthold tenancy

Ending an assured shorthold tenancy. 

Section 21 possession procedure

General possession procedure for assured shorthold tenancies. 

AST accelerated possession procedure

The accelerated possession procedure can only be used to recover possession under section 21. 

Assignment and succession

Where to find information on assignment and succession rights of assured shorthold tenants. 

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