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Demoted tenancies

This content applies to England

The ways for landlords to regain possession of a demoted tenancy, and how tenants may be able to defend a possession claim.

Demoted tenancy definition

Types of demoted tenancy, how demotion affects a tenancy, conditions which must be satisfied for a demotion order, and rules for serving a demotion notice. 

Tenant defences against demotion claims

Procedure for filing a defence and several possible arguments for showing that a demotion order would be unreasonable. 

Tenant ends an LA demoted tenancy

Different ways of terminating a local authority or housing action trust demoted tenancy by landlords or tenants. 

Tenant ends a PRPSH demoted tenancy

Different ways of terminating a PRPSH demoted tenancy¬†by landlords or tenants and the change of the tenancy type on expiry of demotion period. 

Possession of demoted tenancies

The possession process for demoted tenancies. 

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