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This section looks at security of tenure of subtenants, and at their position when the immediate landlord's lease comes to an end. The section covers both private and public sector subtenancies.

For detailed information on each form of tenure, see the other parts of the Security of tenure section. For information about other ways in which tenancies can be passed during the life of the tenant (assignment) and on death (succession), see the section on Assignment and the section on Succession.

Definition of a subtenancy

Definition of a subtenancy. 

Tenure of subtenant

The tenure of the subtenant during a mesne tenancy. 

Legality of the subtenancy

How to identify whether a subtenancy is lawful or unlawful. 

Position when mesne tenancy ends

The position of a subtenant when the mesne tenancy ends. 

Social housing fraud

Criminal offences relating to the unauthorised subletting of social housing by secure/flexible and assured/assured shorthold tenants. 

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