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Steps before court action and pre-action protocols

This content applies to England & Wales

Necessary steps under the pre-action protocols before taking action, and factors to consider before going to court.

Alternatives to court action

It is best to consider alternatives to court action because taking a case to court involves time, cost and stress. 

Pre-action protocol objectives and sanctions

The aim of a pre-action protocol is to ensure that all reasonable steps have been taken to avoid the necessity of litigation. 

Pre-action protocol for taking disrepair action

Procedure to follow before taking court action for disrepair and bad housing conditions, including fitness for habitation. 

Pre-action protocol in debt cases

Procedure to follow before claiming payment of a debt potentially including rent and service charge arrears. 

Pre-action Protocol for Judicial Review

Procedure to follow before challenging the lawfulness of decisions, actions or failure to act of public bodies. 

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