Legal aid

Public funding for civil cases in England and Wales, eligibility for help, forms of legal aid service, and administering agencies.

This content applies to England & Wales
  • Legal aid criteria

    Civil legal aid can only be granted for certain legal problems to people lacking funds to get legal help themselves.

  • CLA claim assessment

    Civil Legal Advice (CLA) is a national advice line that provides civil legal aid gateway work.

  • Legal Help and Help at Court

    Legal aid adviser can support with issue diagnosing, preparing documents, and negotiations, or help at court without presenting legal defence.

  • Legal representation covered by legal aid

    Legal Representation covers solicitor's representation during all steps of the proceedings, including litigation and advocacy.

  • Legal aid repayments

    Clients with disposable income might have to contribute to the cost of legal aid and if they succeed in proceedings, they might have to pay the statutory charge.