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Check if someone is homeless or threatened with homelessness

Find out if someone is legally homeless or threatened with homelessness when applying for assistance to a local authority.

A person does not need to be sleeping rough to be legally homeless. Homelessness can include where someone has accommodation but it is not reasonable to expect them to stay there.

Get a quick answer on whether someone's situation means they are homeless or threatened with homelessness, and if a local authority has a duty to help in each case.

The tool:

  • gives an answer within two clicks

  • provides legal references at the end of each answer

The answers are for guidance only and assume that the person in need of help has no suitable alternative accommodation elsewhere.

Whether a local authority has a duty to help someone also depends on their immigration and residence status. Use our homeless rights checker to find out if someone might be eligible.

This content applies to England

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Last updated: 10 November 2022