Letter templates for housing problems

Use the example text in our letter templates to help sort out your housing problems.

Ask for council help if you're homeless

Make a homeless application

Ask for a review of a homeless decision

Get repairs and safety checks done

Complain to environmental health about private rented housing

Report damp to your council or housing association landlord

Ask your council or housing association landlord for repairs

Tell your landlord you will deduct money from rent if you pay for repairs - this a 5 step process. You need to send 5 letters in order. It does not protect you from a section 21 notice.

Deal with harassment and pressure to leave

What to say if your landlord turns up without permission

What to write if your landlord wants you out for rent arrears

What to say if your landlord threatens you with illegal eviction

Letter for the police if they side with the landlord at an illegal eviction

Get your tenancy deposit back

Ask your landlord to give your deposit back

Dispute unfair deductions from your deposit

Get your deposit back through the small claims court

Claim compensation if your deposit was not protected

Challenge a rent increase

Tell your landlord they cannot increase your rent during a fixed term tenancy

Tell your landlord you do not want to sign a contract at a higher rent

Negotiate a rent reduction

Ask for a rent reduction due to repairs

Ask for a short term rent reduction

Raise other problems during your tenancy

Ask for cleaning if you move into a dirty flat

Ask the agent for your landlord's name and address

Ask about energy and water charges if your landlord pays the bill

End your tenancy

Give notice to end a periodic or rolling tenancy

Claim the right to unwind your tenancy because of misleading information

Find a private tenancy

Write to landlords and agents about your renting history

Ask to view a property if you've been refused because you get benefits

Ask to view a property if you've been refused because you have children

Complain about discrimination

Make a formal complaint about 'DSS discrimination' from an agent

Make a formal complaint about 'no kids' policies

Deal with benefit problems

Ask the DWP to delay repayments for a universal credit advance

Ask the council to backdate your housing benefit

Last updated: 22 February 2023

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